It was around 1:30 p.m. I was walking along the main road on the way to deposit in a bank. I was just strolling across the pavement and looking at the shops and the huge banners. I was simply singing some songs. Suddenly my eyes turned towards the lamp posts. The main road itself is around 4 km long and i was annoyed as all the lamp posts were on and the light was unnecessary. I immediately prayed to God that something should be done and he should give me the power to do it. I looked here and there for signs of approachable men. But then i started looking for a main switch or something. It was found near the divider on the road. I immediately sprang into action. I went near the switch....... Voila all the lights were off. I tell you the truth i did not press any switch. May be God mysteriously was waiting for someone to come and really feel about the waste of electricity in our earth and i felt damn proud and happy that day.


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