yes believe it or not.
Hacking not simply means somebody getting access to someone else's computer and cleaning the security weaknesses and silently walking away without the owner's notice. Hacking started all the way back in MIT good old 1970s. Just check out the hacking history. You will not only be amazed at their hacks but surprised too.

Ankit Fadia an Indian hacker just had the passion from the age when one barely knows the world around.
Kevin Mitnick the hacker outlaw who was the most wanted later wrote the book on it.

All the UNIX and linux gurus call themselves an hacker....

Even you can become a hacker.

Hacking redefined: Doing the best in what you do and giving your best for it.
This is what hackers really are good at.

Next time you mow the garden a little bit more attentively call yourself an hacker..
Next time you adjust yourself in front of a mirror to make yourself approachable at the office call yourself an hacker...
Next time you give the best shot at the discussions held at the office call yourself an hacker......

Believe it


Why not


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