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In the world of graphics (especially computer graphics), there have many path breakers
starting from leonardo da vinci who showed us the art and this has much role to play in the world of graphics today.

Much of the rendering process can be tuned and tweaked by understanding the nuances of what has gone through the great paintings and the techniques can be parallely imagined to become practical.

Latest of graphics invloves the Pixar who are marching much ahead and in the competitive world much needs to be proved to be accepted...

every one lives for some reason trying to find the reality that he is in....
The reality is that it does not make sense to try to understand that which cannot be understood...
The biggest reality is that you are happy when you cherish the moments you have with your friends, remembering the nice joke you cracked on your cousin when everybody enjoyed the whole thing, remembering the moments you were thrilled at the applause given by your classmates after your presentation at the final meet, remembering the childhood days and recounting them with your friend, chatting coolly with your mother, calling up a chotu and teasing him...

all these make us lively
let us not get bogged down by some cold-heat moments..
let us all be in the world full of surprises which is what makes us move forward

yes this is an accepted fact that you cannot get back the time you lost....

But think of the times when there was an exam the next day and you had look after your sick father helplessly. You might have lost the time but let me tell you it was worth it.
You did not lose time in fact you gained a few hours of time in someone else's heart...

But think of the times when you had to catch a bus you are waiting for long and then you see the old man trying to cross the road. You go and help him out even though you know that your bus just arrived... Take time to ponder over these good things you have done. It surely gains time. You have nothing to lose that you do not own.....

Om Kaalaadheethaayaa namaha

yes believe it or not.
Hacking not simply means somebody getting access to someone else's computer and cleaning the security weaknesses and silently walking away without the owner's notice. Hacking started all the way back in MIT good old 1970s. Just check out the hacking history. You will not only be amazed at their hacks but surprised too.

Ankit Fadia an Indian hacker just had the passion from the age when one barely knows the world around.
Kevin Mitnick the hacker outlaw who was the most wanted later wrote the book on it.

All the UNIX and linux gurus call themselves an hacker....

Even you can become a hacker.

Hacking redefined: Doing the best in what you do and giving your best for it.
This is what hackers really are good at.

Next time you mow the garden a little bit more attentively call yourself an hacker..
Next time you adjust yourself in front of a mirror to make yourself approachable at the office call yourself an hacker...
Next time you give the best shot at the discussions held at the office call yourself an hacker......

Believe it


Why not

It was around 1:30 p.m. I was walking along the main road on the way to deposit in a bank. I was just strolling across the pavement and looking at the shops and the huge banners. I was simply singing some songs. Suddenly my eyes turned towards the lamp posts. The main road itself is around 4 km long and i was annoyed as all the lamp posts were on and the light was unnecessary. I immediately prayed to God that something should be done and he should give me the power to do it. I looked here and there for signs of approachable men. But then i started looking for a main switch or something. It was found near the divider on the road. I immediately sprang into action. I went near the switch....... Voila all the lights were off. I tell you the truth i did not press any switch. May be God mysteriously was waiting for someone to come and really feel about the waste of electricity in our earth and i felt damn proud and happy that day.

i love to code.
i started coding in c about 6 years back. Then it was the struggle in learning various constructs of the language.I was managing to just follow the details in the book titled spirit of c. But to be fair i was not thrilled at all with the layout carried in the book. If i would have got an opportunity to suggest the author about making some changes, I might just suggest him to read the world class bible on C written by Kernighan and Ritchie.
This really pushed me into appreciating the language and its nuances. I was so pleased that I began coding hours and hours in C solving the exercise problems.

computers are friendly.
Why? Is it not?
By a friend you mean that he/she can understand your feelings and
respond the same.Do u know how much it is trying to be friendly nowadays?
The search itself is tuning itself and the progress is much faster now as
the humans are going to feel for the sites and the sites are going to feel for
the humans .The days are not far when it is going to be like surrogates taking over
our capacities and helping us to spend happier times just like that.

what a wonderful performance by the chennai super kings
at the ipl.It was a moment in history when the last ball
of the match was watched with breath-counted steps
creating an atmosphere of awe and surprise and what not emotions
were just flowing...
but there was dhoni who is known for his calm demeanour.
yes he commands the respect and admiration with his calmness
coolness and yet he demands that the pressure to be put on the
as he says at the end of the day what matters is whether you
are satisfied with your effort